Times Tables Cowboy

Times Tables Cowboy App is a homemade game to learn times tables. It have been developed by parents to help their kids to learn multiplication tables in a funny way.

And It works! Our kids learned to multiply in only a few days and they also got agility with the mental calculation.

With this application the children will be able to:

– Review multiplication tables before playing.
– Practice multiplication in a fun way.
– Get rewarded for completing multiplication correctly.
– Customize the experience by designing an avatar in their image.
– Practice as many times as you like.

Parents can:

– Review the results of their children’s games to verify the learning process.

Of course, kids must practice, but this time in a funny way with Times Tables Cowboy App.  😉

Times Tables App     Times Tables App

Learn Times Tables

With this times tables game you will be able to:

– Learn times tables.
– Practice and improve your mental agility.
– Get bonuses and build your western town with them.
– Select between 4 different levels.
– Record your record in each number and level to challenge yourself.
– Times Tables App is translated to English and Spanish.

About & Contact

This app have been developed with love for our kids in Balearic Islands.

The copyright for this app belongs to Nugami.net

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Prettygrafik design
brgfx / Freepik design